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The Umarex Boys Club was founded on 12th March 2008.

It had all began with a with a handful of guys on the Airgun BBS forum buying, selling and talking endlessly about pistols. After a lot of thread hogging the moderators decided to create an Air Pistol Section and we have never looked back. We grew quickly with members volunteering to create a website, forum and running competitions. Despite our name we shoot all types and makes of Air Pistols & Rifles, whether Pellet, BB or Airsoft. It's not all boys and their toys we have lots of lady members too.

So come and join in our competitions, they are all designed to be fun and can be shot at home , in the garden or anywhere you can find 6 yards or 10 metres and have permission to shoot there. Please make sure you have a suitable backstop only the target should have holes in it.

As much as we want to keep shooting fun remember Safety First. 

We are more than a Pistol Club, we are more than a shooting community, we are a family.

Click Here for a Guide to Safety

Umarex Boys Club Competition Website

Umarex Boys Club Forum

May your lead fly straight and true
Happy Shooting

Come say hello at the

Umarex Boys Club forum

You will be joining what is probably the friendliest forum on the internet. We were brought into existence by our founder Cookie (Jason) back in March 2008. From a very small group of like minded air pistol affeciandos we have grown into a worldwide destination for shooters looking for a place to chill. 

The UBC has few rules but we do ask that members are sensitive to others & think before they post. 
There are certain subjects that are taboo, politics, religion, sexual orientation, race being the prominent ones. We are a family on here & ask you to respect our values.

That’s it, please post an introductory thread about yourself, a simple hello if you’re unsure, you’ll find a warm welcome. You won’t be jumped on if you ask a question that may have been asked before, we’re here to help & advise as much as we can. 

Above all, enjoy yourself

The Admin Team

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